Life as a mom is filled with ‘moments’.

Yesterday, I had a series of them that lead to a big bad one.  Ronan had a serious case of diaper rash.  Thanks to my mom and some cornstarch, it was nearly cleared up.  One of the best remedies for diaper rash is “bare bum time” where kiddo gets to lay out with nothing on in order to air out the area.  I usually grab a washcloth and lay it over his peeper to keep things under control.  Just after nursing yesterday, I had laid a waterproof sheet protector on the floor, laid Ronan on it, and walked into the kitchen for something or other.  When I came back, there was poop everywhere.  Ronan had saved up a big one for me! 

I picked him up, quickly, and put him on the changing table, where I used some wipes to quickly wipe of all of the poop, and cleaned up the waterproof pad.  While I was bent over, Ronan began peeing.  He peed all over himself, and all over the carpet.  I didn’t even scream!  I just laughed at him, and decided it was time for a bath.  I carried him with me (still sans diaper) into the kitchen as I got his baby tub ready.  We had a great little bath, and I brought him back into the living room to dress him.  His eyes were getting sleepy and red, so I put him in the swing, and finally sat down to eat some lunch.

I took ONE bite of my sandwich, and watched as Ronan proceeded to throw up every single ounce of milk that he had previously nursed.  It was a BABY-VOLCANO. 

So much for clean clothes.  So much for bath.  So much for lunch.

Three little innocent moments that I will probably laugh about forever… but I sat there, after cleaning him up, and wondered if I’m really bad at all of this.  I had an “am I a bad mom?” moment.  I told Brock, “Some days I feel like I suck at this.”

His response:

Brock: No ways

  You are great at it 😀
  You should never feel like that.
  Our best is all that we can really do.



My 5 week old man. 

  • MustangSally04

    The story in full is more impressive than the update on Facebook yesterday! You are a great mom, don’t doubt that. Brock is right…your best is all you can do. it’s all a learning process. I’m sure there is not a single mother out there that has not felt that way with a new baby. You and Ronan and Brock will make it through this.

    Just think of the great story this is going to make for his first girlfriend along with the picture of his cute little bare baby bum!

  • ugotafriend

    Sounds like you got all the “joys” of motherhood in one fell swoop….Don’t worry “Spit Happens” (as do all the others too). You are doing great (especially since you can do all this and blog about). When my “little” man was 5 weeks, I was a basket case and I wouldn’t have been able to blog (even if Xanga had existed then)

  • LetheOfHeaven

    you shouldn’t ever question yourself. you’re doing perfectly fine and it’s evident in all that you have shown us. it’s just amazing how big he’s growing o.o 

  • mom_da_bomb_14

    You are a great mom, but I totally know that feeling you are talking about.  These things happen to all of us.  My baby peed all over the pediatrician! 

  • comet555

    you’re gonna have sooo many more moments like that, it’s all a part of motherhood and you seem to be doing a great job of it.

  • Curlyquilter

    He’s so precious Mandy.

    Bless his cotton socks.

  • Adventures_of_BadNana

    He is adorable!  My Dtr is 26 and I still have those moments, all part of being a good parent.

  • CherDC

    There are indeed days like that. 
    About diaper rash,  here in France they taught me at the hospital when I had Eric to wash him off under the faucet with baby soap and water.  Sounds strange, but I did it with both my kids until they were too big to hold up on one arm over the sink, and we had zero diaper rash problems.  Of course, I had to learn the technique, and it freaked my mom out when she saw it…
    Just a thought…
    Bless you.  Sounds like you’re a great mom.  I still feel very often like I’m not very good at it.  The most challenging adventure I’ve ever embarked on…

  • janusfiles

    Such an innocent little face . . . for such a little creator of chaos.  :)