Last night was miserable.

I spent most of the night in a fog of exhaustion.  I can’t even remember most of it clearly.  Ronan was so upset, I couldn’t put him down.  I’d get 10 or 15 minutes of him in his boppy, or the swing, and he would wake up yelling.

He’s been squirming, and clenching, and getting red in the face.  My mom said it sounds like he’s got gas pains.  But we didn’t sleep from 11pm until 6am.  He wanted to nurse every 30 or 40 minutes, but it wasn’t a typical hunger-feed.  Mom said that sometimes babies with gas pain have a sore tummy, and think that they are hungry, so they want to eat.  He would just suck for a little while, and then doze. 

I don’t even know what I’m writing for.  Maybe out of frustration.  Maybe not.  When Brock woke up this morning, I was still awake.  Ronan and I hadn’t slept at all.  I crawled back in bed, latched him in a side-lying position, and we both fell asleep. 

I am just hoping for a better night tonight. 

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  • That is a tough time with no sleep.

  • I feel for you.  My dtr did the same thing, and everything your mom said is right.  I kept trying to feed her, etc.  Finally, I learned that a warm bath, or even wipe down with warm cloths helped a lot.  Hope you get more rest tonight

  • I remember those nights now – My daughter was the same way.  I spent many nights walking and singing while she would be at my breast. The minute I would attempt to lay her down they crying would start. 

    I learned that holding her along my arm, tummy side down, with her little head near my elbow would give her some gas relief. Also learned that the smell of my breast milk was strong enough to wake her, so layers of clothes might help. Oh yes, dont forget to ask for some extra help so you can nap – even 30 minutes can make a difference. 

    best wishes for a peaceful day

  • Have you tried giving him Mylacon? I may not have spelled that correctly, but Alaina and Bryson both had/have bad baby tummies and that usually helped/helps them.

    @agonada – I was going to suggest the same thing….we’ve done that for the babies too with great success. You feel like you’re carrying a football around

  • How long did he sleep once the two of you finally crashed?

  • @janusfiles – 3 hours, which is as long as he can go without eating.  And then another 3 hours again. ><

  • Someone above mentioned using a warm cloth – that’s an excellent remedy. Just place it on his tummy, it’ll help. 

  • My son used to get really colicy like that. It’s so frustrating, when no matter what you do, they aren’t happy. Hope you and the baby get some sleep today.

  • Do not hesitate to visit a doctor it could be gas?. Its common with baby’s I remember those day’s with my sisters daughter that little one could fart. When I tell her that now she gets embarrassed and demand me to shut up lol.

    By the way gone are the day’s you guys could sleep out in your own time. 

  • oh those nights are the worst! hope things got better….