I found an old paper journal I bought back when Brock and I first started dating.  It had a checklist in it of things I wanted to do.  I thought it was neat.

  • Play Catch
  • Go Ice Skating
  • Go to Paris
  • Get Married 
  • Go on a honeymoon
  • Have kids
  • Go biking together
  • Take more pictures
  • Go to a concert
  • Take a french class
  • Go on a road trip
  • Take Brock to Vancouver Island
  • Have Brock meet Kristin
  • Have Crystal & Daisy visit
  • See the Statler Brothers – Live
  • Watch Firefly
  • Watch The West Wing
  • Get in Shape
  • Buy a Minicooper
  • Buy a Challenger
  • Surprise him with something
  • Buy Ted & Jane’s house!

Underneath it says, “Today is October 2nd, 2006.”

It’s really neat to me to see how many of those things have come to pass.  Life is pretty great.

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  • Some of these are obvious (get married, have kids, get the Mini, get in shape…have you seen yourself-awesome!, etc), but have you done all of these with him? If not, are there some still that you want to do…or has mommy-hood changed some of your wishes?

  • PS…a paper journal?!! Amazing that we actually used to write things down, isn’t it??

  • How many items are left to do on this list?

    Ronan’s thought for the day:  “It’s so difficult being this cute and adorable — but I guess someone has to do it.”

  • Boy I got an achievement list from august 2006 and “yah” uhm I got lost because none of the stuff I wrote came out or have been done yip I’m a douchebag and a dork but I will and can do it so the list is still on .