I guess I forgot to mention…

The interview went very well.  So well, in fact, that I really want the job now.  I think it would be good for us, as a family, and ideal once we pass the initial training stage.  I think it will work out.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying all my prayers.  I was told I would find out either way by the end of April.  It made me happy when they said that, because it meant I had two full weeks more with Ronan before having to get started, and that was JUST fine with me.

Here’s to hoping!

  • http://comet555.xanga.com/ comet555

    fingers crossed for ya. And that picture is ADORABLE!! Gosh he’s cute

  • http://thestarsgoblue.xanga.com/ TheStarsGoBlue

    Your son is such a cutie pie!

  • http://curlyquilter.xanga.com/ Curlyquilter

    is it wrong to want to bite his toes?


    K, see, I told ya!  didn’t I?  Oh, maybe I was just thinkin it would all be great and work out just fine for ya, and somehow, the Universe brought you those thoughts, and you know, how your thoughts become your Destiny….you know, all that stuff?  ya, ya, you know.

  • http://la-vida-linda.xanga.com/ la_vida_linda

    Oh mandy!!! I’ll be crossing my fingers for you, when both my kiddos were babies I had the great priviledge of being with them the whole first year, I wish you the same.  It was tiring, but the memories are priceless!  

  • http://hisjealoussky.xanga.com/ HisJealousSky

    Good luck!

  • http://mustangsally04.xanga.com/ MustangSally04

    Bumbos are the coolest!

    Good luck on the job, I knew it would work out

  • http://wulfcry.xanga.com/ wulfcry

    Good luck excel the training cheerfully and focused. 

  • http://funnydeeter.xanga.com/ FunnyDeeter

    Awe he’s such a lil hunk!  

  • http://laniecho.xanga.com/ Laniecho

    I told you everything would work out!!! Yay!  I’m so happy for you!

  • http://janusfiles.xanga.com/ janusfiles

    Ronan seems to be thinking, “Oh, great.  She’s pointing that flashy thing at me again.”

  • http://mrsnotouching.xanga.com/ mrsnotouching

    Sending good vibes your way! Your baby boy is adorable!!!