A breastfeeding story:

Ronan and I went to Brock’s soccer game yesterday.  I might not have mentioned it, but Brock and his buddy Josh are coaching a 12 year old soccer team.  They have a lot of fun.

Anyways, all of the moms and dads of these kids show up for the games, and they all become good friends.  Since I’m the wife of the coach, and I have an adorable baby, everyone comes over to chat with me while I’m there.  It’s really nice, actually.

Yesterday, just as we got to the field, Ronan started fussing like he was hungry.  All of the parents had their chairs set up to watch, and the kids were warming up on the field.  I grabbed my diaper bag and a blanket to walk back up to the car so I could nurse Ronan and not offend anyone.  As I was walking by one of the moms, she asked, “Where are you going?” 

I replied, “He’s hungry… we’re gonna go up to the…”

She cut me off and said, “You don’t have to go anywhere!  You sit right here…” (she offered me her chair) “… and we’ll give you some privacy, and you and that baby enjoy the game. “

It totally blew me away.  She said I shouldn’t have to miss out just because someone ELSE might get offended that I had to nurse my baby.

She told me, “When my little ones were nursing, if someone asked me to go elsewhere because they were uncomfortable I would tell them ‘Do you think that the Virgin Mary took out her bottles and her formula when her baby was hungry?  No, I don’t think so.  If breastmilk is good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for my baby.  If you are offended, then YOU leave.”

Totally made my whole day.  And I REALLY enjoyed watching the game – the other team didn’t show up, so the kids played against the dads and coaches.  Everyone had a blast, and we laughed through the whole thing.  It was just awesome.

  • Anonymous

    haha that woman was right. i really like the name Ronan btw.

  • http://curlyquilter.xanga.com/ Curlyquilter

    i’m so happy that you had this ‘moment’!  

    being comfortable breast feeding in public is something that EVERYONE can learn from.   

    you are truly blessed to be able to share this bond with your baby…and sharing that with the WORLD will only make it a better place…for him.

    Go Booby Juice!

    ps i nursed my son until he was almost 3 years old!

  • http://hisjealoussky.xanga.com/ HisJealousSky

    That woman sounds wonderful! I hope I encounter such wonderful accepting people after my daughter’s born…I hear people can get really mean about breastfeeding in public.

  • http://michelle-the-gypsy.xanga.com/ michelle_the_gypsy

    When I had Matt, my first, I was constantly looking for that private space to nurse. Then came Ken and I decided I wasn’t going to do that. By the time I had Zoe, I could nurse in the middle of a restaurant and not one person would ever have known. BUT, if they did, I was strong enough in the knowledge of what I was doing that I would have politely stood my ground. I’m grateful to that woman at the game…it isn’t easy to get there on your own. And, most importantly, she was right. Enjoy it, treasure it… because it is gone way tooo soon. It is honestly the one thing I miss the very most, and know that I won’t have that experience again. And look at it this way….have you EVER seen a mom try to shield her young child from seeing a dog nurse her puppies? Not likely. However, there will be that stray adult who doesn’t appreciate the natural gift of a mother nursing her child. That is THEIR problem, not yours. :)

    Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now! LOL

  • http://janusfiles.xanga.com/ janusfiles

    And Ronan was oblivious to the whole thing — he was only interested in lunch, right?  (Or dinner, or whatever.)

  • http://mom-da-bomb-14.xanga.com/ mom_da_bomb_14

    That’s why it’s so awesome to hang around with other people who have kids!

    Also – he is a seriously cute baby!

  • http://cherdc.xanga.com/ CherDC

    I am grateful to have experienced my kids’ baby years here in France where people are a lot less “prudish” (in some ways) than in the US.  I have breastfed in a lot of “public” places… from airplanes to parks to restaurants to church services (where incidently the pastor’s wife came up to me afterward to tell me how glad she was to see that I was breastfeeding…)…  There are ways to be discreet, and the rest is up to the people around you…
    Bless you.