Is it inappropriate to purge subscribers?

I have over 250 people that are subscribed to me… but probably less than 20 actual readers.  I enjoy writing, but I find myself writing less and less because I get caught up in thinking, “no one wants to hear about that.”  I don’t like that feeling. 

I am going to clear all of my subscribers unless requested otherwise.  I want to write more, and I’d feel better about it this way.


I go back to work tomorrow.  My first day will be 8 hours long.  I’ve cried twice today, but I know things will be okay.  They have to be. 

  • TheTheologiansCafe

    Sometimes you just have to purge.  A woman with an eating disorder taught me that valuable lesson.

  • inadee

    good luck tomorrow!

  • HisJealousSky

    I’d like to stay on, if you don’t mind…I really enjoy reading your updates! They’ve really helped me get through my own pregnancy (I’m due in 2 weeks) and I love seeing pictures of Ronan!

  • gemmagemmahey

    i really like hearing what you have to say :) good luck tomorrow! xx

  • Adventures_of_BadNana

    I would like to stay on the list, I like reading your posts and of course Ronan is adorable!

  • oxlorixo

    I’d like to stay I enjoy reading what you write.

  • glimpseh2o

    If you think people are not interested in what you have to say, they won’t subscribed to you in the first place. =))

  • Curlyquilter

    PURGE ’em! 

    K, so here’s what I did on my first day ‘back to work’… i had a little stuffed dino that he LOVED…it smelled like him…I kept it in my pocket, and just knowing that little ‘lump’ was connected to him was enough to keep the tears at bay. 
    It dosen’t get any easier, I’ve learned…something that no one could have ever told me before I ventured out into the deep sea of Motherhood…just can’t ‘xplain it. 

    YOU will be fine…and so will he, you’re right, it has to be.  :)

    I do feel for ya tho, just so you know…you’re not alone…us Momma’s who work…we have to really suck it up and put on a brave face hey.  I’ll be thinkin about cha tomorrow kiddo…so will your little man.

  • la_vida_linda

    You need to do what is best for you, after all this is a place for self expression…be yourself.

    And don’t worry, Ronan and you will be fabulous!!!  Good luck!!!

  • Chelsey_1982

    I’d love to stay on the list, I enjoy your insights on motherhood and of course the adorable Ronan pictures are a bonus too!

  • garciadr

    Please don’t purge me! I think it was great that you mentioned it. I look forward to reading your posts- random or otherwise. I’m not a mother yet so I can’t relate to the emotions you are going through but I send you positive vibes every time! 

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure it will only get easier with time. Besides, it’ll make the time you do spend with lil’ Ronan that much more precious.

  • Rabbits_Nest

    I enjoy listening and reading your blog – but if you want to purge then you just have to do it!!

  • bipolarmeow

    I would assume that if people weren’t interested in what you have to say, they would unsubscribe=)

  • jaded_maudlin

    I enjoy reading your posts. I can understand your need to purge but I’d rather like to stay = )

  • maniacsicko

    wow….  never look at it that way…

    anyway, how do you know how many of them actually read?

  • missleshya

    I’d like to stay on too:) i love reading ur blog.

  • MustangSally04

    Don’t delete me

    Good luck today, I’ll be thinking about you!! (((HUGS)))

  • Bambi1986

    I’d like to stay subscribed to you.

  • memsetthis

    I read ur blogs

  • casey_at_bat

    Hope the first day back goes well. And though I don’t comment much I do enjoy reading how you and the now larger family is doing.

  • candycmh

    i have not too much comment on the posts before,
    but I enjoy&love reading what you write.
    all the best!!!!

  • sweetkitty

    *watches outpouring of support with vague amusement*  I’m part of it; still here, still reading.  :)  I don’t comment very much because I don’t know you personally, and I always feel like Xanga is more for personal connections, but you are consistently one of the best bloggers I have ever run across.

  • afrodite131

    i’m still reading! good luck tomorrow!

  • Laniecho

    Keep me!  Keep me!

    I just had my first day of work too.  Let me know how it goes!

  • janusfiles

    First and foremost, write about what YOU want to write about.  If you find it interesting, you will probably write about it in a way that those of us reading you will find interesting as well.

    And I hope the first day back on the job is going well.  I’m guessing that Ronan is taking it a lot better than you are.

    And yes, I want to stay subscribed to you.

  • Sephie4

    Try to take me off your list and I’ll, I’ll, well I’ll be upset.

    Love you lots, miss you more.


  • mom_da_bomb_14

    I enjoy reading your blog!  If someone doesn’t want to read what you write…they won’t!  Don’t make more work for yourself by deciding who to purge!

  • queen_yasmine

    Please don’t delete me.  I would like to stay subscribed. Please

  • CherDC

    Please keep me on the list!  Thanks!  And be of good courage.  

  • amandamorrison

    I want to stay!! Love the Ronan stories!!!

  • Miles

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