Ronan laughed today!!

What an incredible thing to experience.  I thought his first smile was the most wonderful… how was I to know?  Even better, my mom and I were chatting on Skype.  I was talking about how much he loved to stand, how hard he would work to always straighten his legs.  She told me I should definitely get him a jumper, that he would love it.  Brock was standing directly above me in the loft.  I laughed, and looked at Ronan and asked him if he wanted to jump.  As I asked him, I jumped him in my lap, “Do you want to jump… Jump… JUMP?!”  The laughter just rolled out of his tummy, the grin on his face so wide.  What a joy, entirely a pure joy.  Even so much more that both Brock and my mom got to enjoy it with me.  It brought tears to our eyes. 

I imagine I will be spending a lot of time trying to elicit the next laugh.  My incredible son.  Every mother thinks their children are perfect… Ronan is just perfectly ours.

(As an aside… if you have not seen the movie “Miss Potter”… and you enjoy period-type films – it was excellent.)

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  • So sweet!!

  • How wonderful that you got to live it all of you together!  I think both my kids first laughed at my husband, so I missed it both times…  There were lots more, and it’s so FUN.

  • How does he react to being tickled?  And you know, he does have a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

  • I so love baby’s first laughter – it really is infectious and makes parents do all sorts of silly things to repeat it

    Also LOVED Miss Potter.