So, Brock doesn’t need to have surgery.  Hooray!  That’s one silver lining in a sky full of dark clouds.  It’s getting warmer and warmer in our house… usually worst in the late evenings.  (We left all the windows open last night so that the cool air would get in, and closed them up to keep the cool air during the day.)  75 degrees inside, starting to get a little uncomfortable.  I took a cool shower with Ronan – kind of fun! – and got us both dressed.  Now I’m just waiting on laundry, and I’m going to head over to my friend Nancy’s house.  I hate imposing, but I can’t stay here with him.  I can’t explain to him why he’s hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.  It’s not fair.

I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much!

  • glimpseh2o

    aww hes so cute

  • violarulz

    Ronan has the longest eyelashes and the bluest eyes ever. He’s going to be such a¬†dangerous¬†flirt!

  • janusfiles

    Happy baby.  “Yeah, I’m cute, and you know it.”

  • Curlyquilter

    k, that face and imposing…i just can’t see how they go together…he’s so your ‘in’….Flynn!

    Glad to hear about Brock and surgery…yikes!    Never know when we will be ‘tested’ just that little bit more hey….;)

    It’s all good Kiddo.

  • janusfiles

    Oh, you could explain to Ronan why he’s hot — he just isn’t going to be able to comprehend what you’re saying just yet.