At first, I was pregnant.  That was terrifying.  I used to get upset all the time, because I wasn’t sure I was going to handle the delivery.

Then I had the baby, and it was amazing.

A few days later, I didn’t want to leave the hospital.  There were no nurses at home that could answer all my questions, and it was terrifying.

Then we came home, and it was wonderful.

Some days after that, Brock had to go back to work.  I didn’t want him to leave me at home alone with the baby.  There was no way I could handle it alone, and I was terrified.

Then, Ronan and I developed our own system, our own little routine that we love, and it’s fantastic.

Now?  Now I have to go back to work.  I’m not ready to leave my son with someone else.  The idea of it simply terrifies me.

But I’ve survived it all before.  It has all been okay before.  And somehow, this will turn out just fine too.

Who knows?  It might just be amazing, wonderful and fantastic too.

Sorry, I can’t seem to get past this one, it occupies all of my thought.  We’ll see in a few weeks.

  • MustangSally04

    Oh my gosh, it’s mini-Brock in the button-up!! Too cute!

  • storyofmylife87

    He is absolutely adorable! Do you have someone that you trust to watch him?

  • janusfiles

    Don’t worry.  You and Ronan are both going to do all right.  Even if he does seem to be thinking, “Why are you leaving me, Mommy?” in that photo.

  • wulfcry

    Richs experiences in the steps of life.