My friend has a blog about her twin girls.  I read it for the first time last night.  It’s amazing, well written, hilarious… just fun to read.

What happened to my blog?  I guess I’m not one of those people that can just write about my day every day.  Perhaps you wouldn’t mind reading it, I’m just not capable of writing it.  Really, it would consist of little more than, “Did laundry, played with baby, yelled at dog, fed baby, did dishes.”  Yes, I really do find my life that inane and boring.

On the other hand, I can’t get over talking about my son.  He is every little bit as exciting and amazing as I thought he would be.  I love to see his big grins, I love feeling like they are just for me.  I can’t wait to hear his first laugh!  He’s gotten so very big.  He’s over 14 pounds now, and in 6 month clothes.  (Let us all keep in mind that he’s only 10 weeks old.)  I tried my favorite 3 month sleeper on him last night, and it was absolutely too small.  Everyone talks about how big he is.  He is exclusively breast-fed.  He’s never had formula, and you can’t overfeed a breast-fed baby.  He’s just going to be a big kid!

It was a little heartbreaking to pack up all of the baby clothes he’s grown out of already.  But also kind of fun and exciting to pull out all of the 6-9 month stuff!  I have one well dressed little boy.  I need to go get dinner started.  Brock wont be home from soccer practice for a while, but I can’t wait.  I’m HUNGRY.

Oh, and about the job.  Yeah, the job.  I’m still upset, I still don’t want to leave.  I think, really, it will be good for us.  We need the money, and I will be happy for the ‘adult time’.  I’m getting there.  Growing.  Being a mom is tough in ways that I never imagined… but I’m okay with that too.

Yeah.  Cheeks for days.

My little chub-chub.

  • HisJealousSky

    He is a big baby! He looks so happy and healthy. My mom breastfed my sister and me exclusively, and we were both big chubby babies too. 

  • MustangSally04

    I love that Ronan is such a little chunk, because both of his parents are so small….especially his mommy! He is a gorgeous baby though, and let me tell ya, I have experience with these gorgeous babies, so I know one when I see one! Work will be fine. Once you get over your month of training, you’ll all settle into a routine and it will all seem normal. There’s nothing wrong with missing him, it will just make the time together that much more special.

  • janusfiles

    You’re luckier than my sister-in-law.  When she was pregnant for the first time, she got all these really cute baby clothes — which my nephew outgrew before he was even born.  (He’s still big.  He’s now 10, and when I saw him at Christmas, he came up to my chest [I’m 5’9″].)

  • mrsnotouching

    I love reading your blog! Every new mom can relate to you and your ‘inane and boring’ life. And that is all that matters. My blog saves me from having to go to therapy And I love seeing new pics of your ‘chubby bunny’ baby boy! Have a great FIRST Mother’s Day tomorrow!!! 

  • violarulz

    happy mother’s day!

    my favorite mommy blog: PetiteMandoo