Sitting here crying, because I’m going to be unhappy no matter what happens.

If I get the job, I have to leave Ronan.  I don’t care that it’s only 3 days a week.  I want to be here with him, that’s the way this is supposed to work.  Mom’s are supposed to be able to take care of their children.  Screw this damn country, and their lack of realistic maternity leave. 

If I don’t get the job, we’re broke.  Or I have to go back working at my old job, which is full time. 

This is just crap.  A crap situation.  The government needs to take the idea of “professional mom” and make it real.  Pay women to stay at home, and raise their children.  Make it possible to be a good parent. 

I hate this.

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  • It’ll all work out, hang in there!!

  • Try to think of it this way — you’re sharing Ronan’s cuteness with a larger group of people.

    (Yeah, I didn’t think you would buy that, either.)

  • It’s funny, I mean, how things work out…

    You’ll see, it won’t be near as bad as you think it will be!  I know for me, it taught me to value the time that I did have with my son a little more. 

    It dosen’t have to be perfect…but it will all work out o.k. Kiddo, I promise!

  • *hugs* 3 days a week sounds like the lesser of the evils. I’m so sorry babe, it must be hard.

  • (((hugs))) and yes – maternity leave should be much much longer… I’m originally from Lithuania and their mat leave is 2 years! The first year they pay you 100% of your salary and 85% the second year. That is the only thing that I miss about not living there anymore  

  • I had to put Eric with a nanny full-time when he was 8 months old, and it was VERY difficult…  When I was talking to her about my feelings about this, an older  friend simply looked at me and said, “He has his life; you have yours.”  Sounds harsh, but she said it lovingly, and as a mom who had been far too protective of her children when they were little.  It was of immense help to me.  And it ended up working out fine.  It just feels really hard at the time…