Has it seriously been a month since I’ve last updated?

That’s sad, really.

I guess there’s not much new going on, though.  Honestly, it’s more of the same.  I love my baby boy, I hate having to be at work, it sucks feeling like the new guy.  Yadda yadda yadda.

There is some cool stuff though!  Ronan cut his first two teeth already!  I don’t know why he’s in such a hurry to grow up.  I want him to be little forever.  Or at least just a little longer. 

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now about differences in parenting.  I KNOW that I don’t have to do what everyone else says.  I KNOW I don’t have to care what my mom tells me to do, or what Brock’s mom thinks we should be doing.  I know he’s MY son, and I get to do things the way that we decide is right for us.  Still, it would be nice for, at least our families, to support us.  It would be nice to not have to hear all the time that Ronan should be in his own bedroom by now, or why haven’t we started him on solid foods already.  I guess those are really the only two things that I keep getting crap about, but I think about it so often.  Sooner or later, I have to ask the question, “Why does it matter to you?”  The next time my mom tells me to just start him on cereal already, or Jane says, “He has a bedroom for a reason!  He’s never even seen it!” – Why does it matter to you?  You don’t have to get up 4-6 times a night, and I don’t feel like walking up the stairs yet.  AAP says no solids until 6 months, and I agree with the REASONS for that, not just blindly following what they say.  No, I don’t do everything by the book, and I’m sure I make stupid choices sometimes, but they are my choices to make.  Argh.

Anyways.  Let me share some pictures now. 

Ronan playing with his daddy.

World’s happiest baby, cutest smile

I love the faces he makes!

Ronan playing in the pool with daddy… daddy didn’t know he was dunking him.

Splashing in and out of the pool was fun!

This picture is just amazing to me.  I luff it.

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  • are you going to give him swimming lessons. he looks so happy. 

  • he’ s  SO CUTE!  

    you’re right about what other people say about the feeding and sleeping.  it so dosen’t matter cuz u da momma and da bossa dat!

    Scally never ate anything until he was 1 yr old.  He also slept with me for the first year…it was so easy doing the Booby Juice.

    Hopefully, with the good old advice comes lotsa comments about what an AWESOME Momma you’s is! 

  • I get opinions from my mother in law ALL the time. I nursed Kailyn until she was 17 months, and every time I would go over to visit, she would ask, “Have you weaned her yet?!” It was so annoying. She said once Kailyn started asking for the breast that I had to stop. I’m sorry, but Kailyn started asking for it at 11 months. You’re totally right, you need to just be like, “What’s it to you?!” Everyone thinks that we should all parent the same way. We all have different children, and I know what works for most people doesn’t work for Kailyn. It’s a never ending thing though. Once you get your son in his room, your MIL will most likely have another thing to bother you about. You know you’re a good mom, and only you and your husband know what’s truly best for your son. Trust your instincts, and don’t let people put down your parenting style. =)

    Your son is so adorable! His eyes are just so breathtaking!

  • I think every mum/mum-in-law decides that they know best and the other person is a complete idiot who makes decisions based on personal preference only. I guess you’ll just have to keep repeating your logical reasons for not listening to either = / Best of luck!

    Ronan is adorable = )

  • Ronan looks totally surprised in that last photo.  How did you manage that?  I would think that by now, he knows whagt the camera is.

  • Oi thats odd deary grandmothers should pamper their grandchild with toy’s and stuff ,  Oh my its like you living a classic aristocratic life you are. Moy adviose tu yuu is just bee yer own mommy Ronan knows best cuddle up with mum and dad is the safest place anyway.  he’s still a baby for god sake grandma should know tha.

  • I just love him…the pictures you post of him are so adorable. He looks so huggable and snuggable. I always said little girls were the best, but after seeing Ronan and having my own nephew to snuggle with, I have to say that little boys are the best snugglers around!!

  • ronan looks cuter every time you post new pictures of him, especially his eyes! also that pool looks super nice, i wish we had pools like that in scotland 🙁