…Aaaaaaaand, with an interesting bit of irony…

… I’ve found the worse you complain about something, the better it seems to turn out.  For example, when my schedule was RIDICULOUS at the OB/GYN office I used to work at, I would print a copy of it off, take it to the manager and the doctors, and show them how absurd it was to expect me to handle a day like that.  (Double bookings, less than 15 minutes between patients, several extensive procedures in a row, etc.)  They would apologize, commiserate, and make motions towards trying to get the problem remedied – which never happened.  However, on those days when I took the time to complain, loudly, to anyone that would listen, my day would go smooth as silk.  There would be no late patients, no delays, no weird cases that tripped me up, and no add-ons.  So all my complaining would be in vain, and I would end up having a wonderful day.

Case in point – Ronan slept like an angel last night.  No, not a baby – and angel.  He only woke up twice, and both times he went RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP.

THANK YOU KARMA, FOR MAKING ME LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.  (…and for letting me get some much needed sleep.)



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  • Awe.  I’m glad you got some sleep though. =)  

  • You both needed some sleep!

  • Glad to hear that you’ve been getting some sleep.  And Ronan seems to be thinking, “What?  Was I causing any problems?”

  • Om Mani Padme Hum MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMm. Indeed a good time to meditate surrounded by serenity.