image1971845340.jpgYesterday, I wanted to write a blog. I was down, and upset… Having a bad day and in a piss poor mood. But I was home with my boy.

Today, I’m at work – and there is nothing I wouldn’t give to be at home, with my baby, in a bad mood. Ha!

Scanned a 5 month old today, he was 13 pounds. Ronan is just 6 months old… And he’s 20 pounds. MOOOOOSE!

His next appointment is on the 11th. We’ll find out for sure then.

  • janusfiles

    Ronan may be using my nephew as a role model.  My nephew was 10 pounds, 8.5 ounces when he was born.  He’s now 10.  I’m not certain how much he weighs, but when I saw him this past weekend, the top of his head comes up to my chin, which puts him right at 5’0″ tall.  And from what my sister-in-law said, he is about to hit another growth spurt.

    I’m guessing from your photo that Ronan is pulling himself up now.  How close is he to walking?

  • wulfcry

    Giggles :)