Dear Ronan: 8 months old

Wow.  I can hardly believe I just wrote those words.  8 months old?  Son, you are 8 months old today.

You have been a part of my life for these few short months, and yet I feel like I have always known you.  I can’t imagine a day or a time before you, I can’t remember when I didn’t know you.  Every day, I get to enjoy our world through YOUR eyes.  I never knew Cheerios could be so much fun, or how hilarious our dog is.  I love getting to see your eyes light up when Daddy gets home, and how happy he is to see you.  I get to wipe your sloppy kisses off my cheek, and unwrap my hair from your tiny fingers.

These last few weeks have been so hard on us, Ronan.  We think you’re never going to learn to sleep, and you make us CRAZY sometimes.  Daddy and I trade you back and forth, trying to calm you down, to settle you into bed… but you fight!  You are just as stubborn as we are!  No matter how tired we get, or frustrated, no matter how badly we want you to go to sleep; we still enjoy every single moment we get to play with you.  Sometimes I’m glad that you are awake because I miss you when you’re sleeping.

You are almost ‘big boy’ crawling now, even though you scoot around on the floor at a hundred miles an hour!  You love to sit on your knees and play with books.  Any time you can stand up, you will – at the couch, at the TV, at the baby gate.  You fake laugh all of the time, and it makes me laugh.  Then you laugh at me because I’m laughing!  Your favorite thing in the world is Meet The Robinsons.  You watch so intently, and couldn’t care less if we put something else on.  I don’t mind, because I like the movie too.  I want to watch it with you when you’re older, and see if you still think it’s great.  You LOVE food, Ronan.  Any time you see me or Daddy eating, you open your mouth.  “Food goes HERE, Mum.”  If we don’t share with you, you let us know that you aren’t happy about it.  You hate the vaccuum, and can’t STAND to have your diaper changed.  You chase the cat everywhere he goes, but he always seems to be one step ahead!  I LOVE to go up and get you when you wake up from a nap;  you’re always standing at the side of your crib with a huge grin on your face, and you hug me SO tightly when I pick you up.

I love you more than words can say, Ronan.  I can’t wait to watch you grow up, to see what excites you, to help you learn and grow.  I can’t wait to teach you things, and share every single day with you.  And even as I say those words, I want you to stay my little baby boy forever.  I’m not ready to give up my cuddles and coos.  You are already so independent.  Please don’t grow up too fast.



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  • happy monthbday, ronan and mommy!

    loving the blog. good for you– it will totally make you enjoy posting more.

    miss you both . . .

  • One of these days, Ronan will read these blog entries . . . and then probably say something like, “Did you REALLY write this stuff, Mom?” Of course, that will probably when he’s 13 or 14.

  • @Freckletree – I’m AM enjoying it more. Totally fun. 🙂 We need a visit. Missed you while you were on Vacay, but super happy you went.

    @Janus – I’m not going to give him these entries until he’s either getting married or about to have his first kid!