How to Title a Blog.

I really have no clue.  Today, I wanted to write about how I’m fighting the urge to just sit and watch all of my shows on Hulu, and ignore all other responsibilities.  (Modern Family!  Glee!  House!)  Really, does cleaning the house, showering and doing laundry sound HALF as awesome?!

Woah, sleep issues.  Ronan had a late nap yesterday.  Nanny let him go down at 5, and he slept until Brock got home at around 5:45.  He then resisted sleep until after I got home from work, nearly 11 pm.  How did he stay awake for so long?!…

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  • storyofmylife87

    Does your nanny believe in attachment parenting? I’m just curious, I didn’t know if she rocked him to sleep or let him CIO.