so what then?

image1870604808.jpgI really wanted to start blogging more regularly. I even have all these ideas of blogs I want to write. I’ve got thugs I want to say.

But I just don’t have the energy. I’m so wiped out all the time, and it’s starting to get to me. Something has to give. I’ll be hoping, praying for change.

I have a video slideshow I want to share. I can possibly embed it. Let me try.

Ok, I can’t embed it… But here is the link! It’s good!!


Ronan from Amanda Allender on Vimeo.

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  • he’s starting to stand already O_o 

  • Three things:

    1) Gorgeous Eye Color!

    2) Look at those lashes!  My goodness!

    3) You have a heart-throb on your hands!  You are going to have to beat the girls off with a stick!  :0)


  • Yay! I’m so glad you got it to embed, because I tried watching this the other day from my phone and it wouldn’t play right. Very sweet!!

  • Wow, is he already starting to stand?  How soon before he starts walking?

  • Omg I’m going to cry.  That was the best thing ever!  I miss you guys so much already!  And he’s getting so big!  AND I WANT ONE!  lol