• Lani

    He is so cute!

    • SO glad you’re here, Lani! And thanks!!

  • How precious!! My husband’s aunt knitted (or is crocheted? I have no idea) a few adorable little hats for our daughter before she was born, and they just melt my heart every time. I love the apple hat!

  • I love it too! We haven’t had the chance to wear it in public yet. Gotta love NC weather… 80 degrees in October. I have been trying to teach myself to knit, but have so far been unsuccessful. I just love hats. 🙂

  • And how soon will it be before he outgrows the hat?

    • It’s super stretchy, so hopefully it will last all winter. We’ll see how fast his head grows. 🙂

  • so flippin cute. i love it.

  • Well, as I remember reading a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the human head only doubles in size from birth to adulthood. So the hat might last a little longer than that.

    • That is good news!