A Dark Day for Mom.

I had one of those days yesterday.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  You know, the ones where a stay-at-home mom can’t get anything right?  Where she doesn’t shower, get dressed, or leave the house?  It’s true, the rumors you’ve heard – it DOES happen.

There was a melt-down around 11 am.  Ronan was exhausted….

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    Those stinkers…make you cry and then make you love them.  I can remember when my first born was about 9 months old. I decided that he need to eat and then wear PJ’s (yep, he was my first born). He screamed the entire time. I finally got him already for bed and he fell asleep immediately.  A couple of seconds later the phone rang. The manager of our mobile home park called to see if I was abusing the child because 2 of my neighbors called to tell her that the baby was screaming. When I explained that I was trying to feed him and put in him PJ’s, she laughed and said she understood.