Friendship – Amended

I never realized that that post would get the attention or be received the way it was.  That must be what happens when you write a blog post at 2 am on your second overnight shift in a row.

I’m a little blown away by the amount of people that feel like they are in the same position I am.  It seriously lightens my heart to realize that I’m not the only person out there that feels like this.  In fact, there are lots of people out there that still seem to be looking for “that” friend.

But before I go any further, I need to amend a few things.  When writing at 2 am, it’s entirely possible to not realize that you are forgetting some very important people.  I never intended to leave anyone out, nor did I intend to hurt any one’s feelings.  If your name wasn’t on the list, it’s not because I don’t love you dearly and wish to be a better friend to you – it’s simply because my brain turns to mush past midnight.  And if I did make you feel left out, I am truly sorry.  Please understand that I left two VERY important people off of this list in my state of exhaustion.  Also, that this post was written when I was having a very deep ‘me’ moment, and not really considering the thoughts and feelings of others.  We all get like that sometimes.

At this point in time, I feel the need to write about my husband.  A girl is a very special, lucky kind of girl when she gets to marry her best friend.  Brock is that man to me.  I never want to be able to spend less time with him, only more.  I always want to tell him about my day, always want to hear about his.  I spend most of the afternoon watching the clock, waiting to hear him pull into the drive way.  I really just like having him around.  He makes me laugh, he enjoys doing things with me, and he loves to love me exactly the way that I want to be loved.  He loves to be loved the way I need to love him.  We are good for each other.  But he doesn’t replace that ‘girlfriend’ friendship that all women seem to need, and that’s why I left him off of my list.

My mom?  My mom is also my best friend.  But she falls into the same category as my BFF Crystal.  They live thousands of miles away.  And even though they’re ALWAYS there when I need them – sometimes a phone call just doesn’t quite cut it.  Sometimes a hug is required, or a movie, or the chance to just sit on the couch and talk face to face.  Sometimes it would be nice to SMELL them.  Seriously.  Smell.

All in all, I learned a lot from posting what I did.  One of the common pieces of advices I was given is that if I want to HAVE that friend, I need to BE that friend.  So I’m going to start trying to be that friend.  If you’re looking for that friend… just let me know.  I’m here, and I’m working on being her.

And… thanks for the shopping and girl-talk yesterday Nancy.  It was just what I needed.

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  • Crystal

    I LOVE YOU 🙂