Happy Blogiversary!

I just realized that on the 15th, my little blog has been live for one whole month.

I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far.  I hope that I can keep it up.  I find myself thinking about my daily adventures and how they can translate into a good post.  So far, today, I’ve got nothing.  I’m being entirely domestic.  Grocery shopping is already done, fridge is cleaned out, baby is down for a nap, diapers are in the wash, and baby clothes are almost done in the dryer.  Maybe need to wash some mommy-daddy clothes today too.  I think I’m out of underwear.

I’m sitting in the floor, eating a cup of oatmeal because it’s the first thing I’ve had to eat today…

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  • http://mustangsally04.xanga.com/ MustangSally04

    It’s been a full month already? Wow! You’re doing great with it. I just read the “Micmac” conversation between you and your mom…that is priceless. Especially the part at the end where she laughs so hard she has to go pee