My Entirely Unattainable Dream

I sit here and sit here staring at a blank screen. I do not have writers block. When I decide to write something down, I get it out no matter what.

I sit here and stare at this blank screen because there are problems in my household, and I aim to write about them. However, I know what kind of comments my writing will inspire, and I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to put up with them. In my dreams, there is a place where people are supportive, and caring without judging, disapproving, or saying “I told you so.” And even if the choices I’ve made as a parent seem entirely foreign and quite frankly stupid to you, I’d love you to just be able to comfort, commiserate, and care.

For one blessed week, we had sleep in our house. A whole week went by where Ronan went to bed at night, and only woke once in the night to eat. He didn’t scream upon waking, and he didn’t wake to play. He slept, and I slept, and Daddy slept. After a whole week…

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  • I so hurt for you right now….if it’s not working see what you can do to change it but realize it’s a season…I won’t tell you the horror stories from my trenches but I encourage you with the hope that it will change and you will be amazed and that all parents lose it at one time or another. Praying for you and your family.