Pity Party

I’ve been enjoying a bit of self pity lately.

I’ll not get into details.  It’s all rather self absorbed.

Self pity is sort of like swimming in a pool filled with chocolate pudding.  I mean, who really wants to do that?  But once you’re in there, you’re like, whoa, chocolate pudding.  So you stay.  And you kind of enjoy it, because seriously – chocolate pudding.

Then, you invite other people to join you, but… they don’t want the chocolate pudding that you’ve been swimming in all day.  That’s just gross.

If you don’t get it, don’t ask.  I’m in a crabby mood.  No one wants to swim in my chocolate pudding with me.

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  • Unfortunately, I think I totally get it.

  • Mom

    I was totally in that pool with you today and I hope you’ll feel like swimming tomorrow. Another 16 hr swim! Love you and miss you!

    • Thanks for being there with me, mom. I love you.