Updates And Replies

No post yesterday.  I didn’t feel up to it.

Today, however, is pretty great.  I had this huge outpouring of support from my “unattainable dreams” post, it that has made the biggest difference.  I can’t even begin to say.  I want to reply to every single comment, and that would be silly to do in comments (I don’t even know if people have noticed that I always reply – does it notify you?) so I’m going to do it here in my post.

Also, I installed a captcha plug-in to stop SPAM messages, but it stops people from being able to comment.  If you can’t comment, email me at mandy at tempestbeauty dot com and let me know.  I will try to get it fixed, perhaps try a new captcha thingy.

In other news, this is how yesterday went…

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  • http://chelsey-1982.xanga.com/ Chelsey_1982

    The link wasn’t working for me… it sent me to a “Xanga page not found” page. I was able to get to it by typing in the address though.

    Ronan is adorable. I enjoy your writing and the little extras… pics and videos. Keep it up!

  • Jeremy

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