Video-Mini: Chief Ronan

Actual Conversation:

Me:  Hey mom… what is the name of the type of Indian we have in our family?  I tried to tell Brock what it was and I couldn’t remember.

Mom: Let me think… um… Oh!  The Micmac Indians!

Me: (begins laughing) Are you serious?  When I couldn’t remember the name, I told Brock they were called something like, “The Paddiwhack Indians.”

Mom: (begins laughing too)  Paddiwhack, Mandy?

Me:  Yeah, mom.  You know… The Micmac… Paddiwhack…

Mom: … give a dog a bone!  (laughs uncontrollably until she has to go pee.)

For real, I’m that smart.

My son is 1/32 Micmac indian, and 1/32 Cherokee indian.

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