Dear Ronan: 10 months old.

Hello again, sweet boy.

Another month has gone by.  I feel like I wrote my last letter to you yesterday.  I only wish the time would go by slower so I could spend more days with you.

This month, you got to meet Nana and Grumpa.  They loved you SO much… and you loved them!  I still can’t believe how quickly you warm up to strangers, with a smile and then with play.  They bought you some amazing gifts for Christmas  – a ball pit, and a giant teddy bear.  I don’t think you could have been happier.

You’ve been doing some major growing this month, son.  You’re 31 inches tall!  And 21 pounds.  Everyone that meets you tells me how BIG you are for just 10 months old.  You’ve been cruising around the house, holding on to every object you can find, trying to walk but not quite ready yet.  You’ll be running around with us chasing after before we know it.  You talk all the time, just like your mum!  A little blabbermouth.  Daddy loves it.  You make him laugh all day.  And in just a few days, you’ll be experiencing your very first Christmas!  We are so excited.

You still don’t sleep, my baby boy.  It gets harder and harder as you get older and older.  You get so frustrated with us, and can’t communicate, so you pinch.  I dearly hope that’s something you grow out of.  Daddy handles you with patience better than I do right now, so he’s been loving you to sleep every night.  You love your daddy so very much… always full of smiles and laughs when you see him.

Ronan, you clap and cheer!  You crawl so fast, and you LOVE to throw things.  Flint is still your favorite toy, and you laugh when you chase him.  You HATE getting dressed, and you would rather crawl around without a diaper on than anything else in the world.  Bathtime is always so much fun.

You are an amazing little human, Ronan.  I’m lucky to be part of your life.



  • violarulz

    id your little man still having trouble sleeping? my friend’s baby was having trouble sleeping until they starting giving him OTC baby allergy meds at night (at the recommendation of their GP). Not sure if he needs the help falling asleep that the drugs give him, or if he really has environmental allergies. Either way, it works