Hating Today.

I hate today.

I don’t really know why.  Days like today are the worst.  I had to stay up all night and work Sunday night, so I slept Monday.  I only got 4.5 hours of sleep, and then stayed up the rest of the day so I could SLEEP last night.  Brock and I stayed up late enough that I wouldn’t just get a few hours nap and then be wide awake, and went to bed around midnight.

Ronan woke up at 1, and 1:30, and 2, and 3, and 3:30… so much for sleep.  From 3:30 until 6 this morning, I was wide awake.  I guess I should have written a blog then.  So, for the second day in a row, I’m going on next to no sleep.

My house is a disaster, as it always seems to become when I have to work Wednesdays.  I never seem to get the energy or the drive to do something about it.  My dishes need to be done, we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a few weeks so there’s nothing to eat in the house, and I need to do laundry again.

Look at me sit here and bitch about my life.  Seriously, Mandy?  Seriously??

I need to get off my butt, take a shower, pick up the floor, and get moving.  What is stopping me?  Me.  Nothing else.

That boy is having a nap, and I’m going to take advantage of it, and get going.  Watch me.  I don’t need to hate today, I need to live it.

What do you do to motivate yourself to do the things you just don’t feel like doing?

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  • First I swim in some pudding. (oh man, do I love that analogy!)

    Then I pretty much do what you do: taunt myself in my head until I realize I’M the main reason for my grumpy mood. Then I get going.

    Good luck getting the house picked up and tackling chores! I know how tough it can be with a baby. Sometimes I think, “if Simone would just disappear for an hour, I could get all of this stuff done.” But she never does just disappear, and it ends up taking three hours. I guess that’s motherhood.
    .-= Cate´s last blog ..Frugal Meatless Meals: Hunters Soup =-.

    • You are so right. I have a friend that has offered to take Ronan for a day and let me get my house SUPER DUPER clean before the holidays. I really think I need to take her up on it. Much needed break for me, and she’ll love getting to spend the day with the boy. Plus, if they start having a hard time, she can always come hang out with him here!

      One of my favorite quotes ever is, “Trying to clean house while the kids are still growing is like trying to shovel while it’s still snowing.”

  • I have a playlist titled “bouncing around the house” that I play. It’s stuff the dude hates to listen to and makes me all jumpy and happy.

    • I have a very similar playlist… dude hates most of my music anyways. This is a great idea. 🙂

  • Holly H

    It is also so hard because I always felt like I should be quiet when the baby is napping. Not excessively so, but something like vacuuming was always out of the question. With that excuse I would take time out for me (usually doing homework in my case) but perhaps reading a book or sleeping in your case while your child naps. THEN when they wake up, plunk them in the high chair with a snack, turn up the music (as suggested) and CLEAN! If things work out as planned the baby will love it and you can entertain him by being the ‘crazy cleaner’. What do think? Would he let you do that? Good luck!

  • First of all, no matter how bad your place looks, it probably looks a lot better than mine. I’m afraid my housekeeping skills don’t come up to the high exacting standards of Oscar Madison.

    And just remember that you (and Ronan) are going to have good days, and bad days. This is just turning out to be one of the not so good days.
    .-= Janus´s last blog ..We Have Laptop =-.

    • Thanks Janus… that’s probably one of the nicest comments you’ve ever left me. 🙂

  • Okay, now you have me blushing.
    .-= Janus´s last blog ..Not The Oops I Was Dreading =-.