To Clean or Not To Clean.

Brock and I set about cleaning our upstairs and guest room this weekend for our incoming guests.  (Read: MOM AND DAD!!!)

It’s almost amusing how differently we choose to clean.  Typically, I want to clean as quickly and efficiently as possible; if it looks clean when I’m finished, I’ve done a good job.  Brock, however, has to clean ‘the right way’.  He wants to remove everything from the room, dust every piece of furniture, organize everything, and then finally return things to their places.

Yeah, he’s probably right.  It’s the “right” way to clean.

But it sucks.

We need to clean our guest room, which is a disaster.  Instead of cleaning that room, however, Brock decided we had to clean the loft.  That included getting EVERYTHING out of the loft, re-arranging the layout, and then organizing the storage closet.  He pulled everything out, organized everything into piles, and left them.  Now that that is all done, the entire upstairs is a bloody mess.  NEITHER room is clean.  BUT, it’s getting done ‘the right way’.  It will just take three days instead of three hours.

No point in fighting over it, I guess.  As long as it ends up clean.

Funny how different we are.  The worst part is that I don’t ever feel like I can really help, because I don’t do it as well as he does.  So I just run interference with the baby.

  • Dahnya,

    Ooh. That would be frustrating. As great as the house will look when done, three days of cleaning sounds like a total drag!
    .-= Dahnya,´s last blog ..Christmas card swap! =-.

  • Stash

    This is a funny one Mandy!
    It is the exact same thing at my house, I clean for it to be clean, Jer cleans so it will be a disaster and then clean!

  • Gerald Witt

    Brock? Clean? Amazing.
    .-= Gerald Witt´s last blog ..The thermostat. =-.