My Mommy Confessions.

Ok, so Day 2 is the list post.

The course says that list posts are a good way to relay a lot of information in a short amount of time.  Also, that readers like lists because they don’t involve a lot of heavy reading.  Personally, I like reading them and I like writing them.

So here’s my list post.

My Mommy Confessions:

  • I frequently forgo showers in exchange for a nap with the boy.
  • As long as Ronan is fed and happy, I often forget to take care of myself.
  • I buy baby clothes even when there is so much Ronan doesn’t wear what he has.
  • I hate my stroller with a passion, and so does Ronan.  We don’t use it.
  • I lie to my friends and my pediatrician about Ronan’s sleeping habits because I don’t want to hear it.
  • I have, on more than one occasion, imagined putting a crying Ronan down, walking out of the house, and driving until I couldn’t remember why I was driving anymore.
  • Babywearing is one of my favorite things about having a baby.
  • I cried the first time we gave Ronan a bottle because I thought he wouldn’t want to nurse any more.
  • We didn’t get a single toy for Ronan until he was 4 or 5 months old.
  • My goal used to be to take at least one picture of Ronan every single day.  I failed, but there are still a TON of pictures.
  • I secretly feel like I would be a much better photographer if I had a great camera – even though I know it’s not about the equipment.  (I want to take a photography class!!  PLEASE!)
  • I love watching Brock do daddy things when he doesn’t know I’m watching.  Like when he sings to Ronan while he’s rocking him.  It makes me cry.  And then I pretend I was busy doing something else.
  • I can NEVER decide what to dress Ronan in for the day, so most days he’s just in a diaper.
  • I stopped wearing makeup approximately 11 months ago.
  • I go back and forth between desperately wanting another baby, and not EVER wanting another child so often, I’m never really sure which one I want.
  • I can’t wait for people around me to have kids.  I LOVE to see how their lives change.
  • I HATE getting unsolicited advice, and try not to give out ANY, no matter how much I think it might help.  (I fail at this too, but at least I’m TRYING.)
  • I wish my parents lived closer, because they raised 3 great kids.  I think that their influence might stop me from totally screwing up mine.
  • I wish I was a magazine mom, and sometimes feel like a failure because my house isn’t clean, I don’t bake awesome things all the time, make home cooked meals, do crafts, and still find time to look amazing.
  • I’ve forgotten how to enjoy “Mandy” time.  I need to get that back.
  • Oh. this is a big one.  I have no desire to throw Ronan a 1st birthday party, and I feel GUILTY like crazy for it.

I think that’s about enough.  Feels good to get that off my chest.

Please, share with me your biggest mommy confession… or let me know if you share some of mine!

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  • So I had this huge response typed out to this and it didn’t go through. *Argh*

    So I love your blog and I feel/felt every single one of your confessions.

    love love LOVE your blog 🙂

  • Stacy

    -I cried the first time we gave Ronan a bottle because I thought he wouldn’t want to nurse any more

    I did the same thing…. But, she still loves to nurse! I felt like a failure that I was giving her a bottle! And I sometimes do…

  • I hate unsolicited advice, too. And I also have no desire to throw my daughter a first birthday party…I suppose I might change my mind when her birthday gets closer, but I doubt it.
    .-= Cate´s last blog ..Grocery posts: yay or nay? =-.