31 Days to Build A Better Blog – Day 1

I purchased an online course to build a better blog.  True, I started it three days ago, but I’ve just finally gotten around to finishing day 1’s task.  The task is to write an “elevator pitch” for your blog.

Here’s why.  The course writer says that if someone comes to your site to read something you’ve written, you have just a few seconds to win them over and convince them to come back.  If they have NO idea what your blog is about, they aren’t likely to stick around.  An Elevator Pitch is a short description of your blog (the idea is that it’s short enough to pitch to someone during an elevator ride: hence the name!) that will give someone an idea of who you are, what you write about, and why they should come back.

It really DID take me three days to work on mine.  I didn’t want it to be stupid, or full of cliche.  I wanted it to be honest, to really represent why I write, and WHAT I write.  I’m still not sure I’ve hit the mark, and I’m open to suggestion.

However, here’s what I’ve come up with.  I wrote two elevator pitches… one is a one liner, good for the “Tag Line” at the top of my page.  The other is a little longer, and good for using in descriptions and about pages, and things like that!

Tag line-

A blog about the challenges of being a full time parent, working a full time job, and trying to survive a world where there never seems to be quite enough time for both.


This blog is an honest look at life being a full time mom and wife, all while working a full time job.  I am reaching out to help bridge the gap of loneliness that surrounds new mothers as we try to find others out there who have seen what we’ve seen, done what we’ve done, and want to share their experiences.    In the business of baby-making, every day has a story to be told.

Day one.  Check!

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  • Ben Kuhl

    Very well written 🙂

  • My only quibble: when you say “business of baby-making,” I had to do a double take and make sure you weren’t talking about what I originally thought you were talking about. 🙂
    .-= Cate´s last blog ..Food Waste Friday =-.

  • Cate… do you think “in the business of babies” would work better? 🙂

  • You could always just say “In the business of baby-raising”. I just think like a twelve-year-old. 😉
    .-= Cate´s last blog ..Our spending habits are changing =-.