Amazing Playdate!

Ronan has his pick of the ladies.  We’re surrounded by sweet little angels that smell nice, act cute and can’t help but make you want to CUDDLE.

Beautiful Farah is a month older than Ronan, and she keeps him running.  The entire time she and her incredible mother Stephany are here, I don’t want to put the camera down!  Every moment is filled it something I want to capture forever.  I love they way they play, interact, and learn from each other.  I absolutely LOVE playdates.  Farah has a big sister, Ava, and she makes me excited for the future.  I can’t wait until Ronan is four, and curious, smart, challenging, interesting and ADORABLE.  I love love these girls, I really do.

And now, for pictures.

Do I hug him?

Or do I choke him?  Mom?

I just love this picture.

So much fun to be had with someone else’s toys.

Farah checking out the shopping cart.

Ronan has to get in on it too.

Showing her the ‘right’ way to do it.

This was an adorable moment – looking out the window together.

And then the door!

Caught being CUTE!


I also wanted to share this because every time I see it, it makes me laugh.

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