Dear Ronan – 11 months old.

Hey sweet boy,

It’s 11:58pm, so it’s still technically your 11 month birthday.  I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have time to write earlier in the day.

Yeah, first I need to tell you that I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!  So with a hundred O’s.  You are so sweet and amazing.  You give me the best hugs, they make my day in an instant.  Daddy gets home from work and he can’t even be grumpy about having a bad day, because as soon as you see him you start laughing and clapping!  You love your daddy so much.

You took your first steps this month, Ronan!  Last week, you took three in a row all on your own.  And then four!  Yesterday, I caught you taking seven whole steps before you fell.  You hate to fall, but you always get back up and try again.  Daddy has been walking you around and letting you kick a soccer ball… you LOVE to do that.  You giggle and laugh the whole time.  Flint gets all excited, and then you laugh even more!

You still love to eat.  As soon as dad or I start eating, you come crawling over with your mouth open.  “PUT FOOD HERE!”  And you’ll eat everything we give you!  Eggs, broccoli, cottage cheese, it’s all good.  Cucumber and apples still seem to be your favorite.  We’ve figured out how to use the straw, so straw sippy-cups are a big it.  You LOVE water!  Even in the bath tub, you bend over and put your whole face in the water to drink it.  You make us laugh.

We have so much fun on playdates, kiddo.  You’re a little shy and reserved at first, and then you find your footing.  You like to show off, and make your toys look like SO MUCH FUN so everyone else will want to play too.  The ball pit, OH the ball pit!  If that wasn’t the BEST gift ever, I don’t know what was!  You play in that thing every single day.  We’re going to have hundreds of pictures of you in the ball pit.  I hope it never gets old for you.

I don’t know what else to tell you, kiddo.  You are such a joy to be around.  I love to watch you when you don’t know I’m watching.  I love to catch you doing something you know you should be doing.  I love to see you play with daddy, and how much fun you have together.  I love being your mommy.

Until next month, sweetie, when you turn ONE year old, I love you every day.