The Pleaser.

I have discovered something about myself that I’m not particularly proud of, and worked to overcome it. I am The Pleaser.

It’s hard for me to describe what this means.  Really, I think it comes out of the desperation of always having to be the “new kid” every time we moved.  I went to 13 different schools before I graduated high school.  Think about that, really.  That’s more schools than there are years.  Multiple moves in one year, staying somewhere just long enough to feel comfortable before we’d leave, never getting established.  I’m not angry about it, I don’t think it’s ruined my life – quite the contrary, I find myself capable of adapting to new situations because of it.

But that want, need, desire to have friends and be liked has turned me into a person that will do whatever I have to do, whatever you want me to do…

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  • So I’m a pleaser too and after many years of self analysis I’ve decided it sprung from an incomplete relationship with my mother.  But I do socialize well and make a good lover (because I am out to please).  So rather than change it I’ve come to accept it.  And over the years I’ve understood it better.