Updating things.

One of the things they tell you when you start changing things is to only change one at a time.  That way, you’ll know what it is that you did that caused the improvement.

I never listen.

We started Ronan on his reflux medicine, but around the same time I started trying a new ‘going to bed’ method.  It’s the one where I lay down next to him, and I MAKE him stay laying down, but I don’t help him fall asleep at all.  There is a little bit of fussing, a little bit of crying, but no rocking, singing, nursing or anything.  He just has to go to sleep on his own.

The first night, it took an hour.  The second night, it took 20 minutes.  Last night, it took 2 minutes.  And his sleep stretches have gotten as long as 5 hours.  You know, for us, that is as good as 12.

I don’t know what’s made the biggest difference.  We’ve noticed a big reduction in the amount he’s been refluxing, and how upset he gets when it happens.  Maybe it’s a combination of both.  All I’m hoping is that saying this out loud wont jinx us.

Please, don’t let it jinx us.

**I just put Ronan down for the night, and it took him about 30 seconds to fall asleep.  Holy moly, YES!  Also, I started using “California Baby” soap products tonight because of eczema and a nagging skin rash he’s had for a while.  Lets see if we can FIX everything.**

Edit: 10:09 pm.

Ronan is still awake.  He woke up after about an hour.  He has been up since then, despite all of my efforts.  Nothing ever gets better.  Nothing improves.  I should probably just let him cry it out, because that would probably be better than the impulse I have to hold a pillow over him.  What the hell did we ever do to deserve this?

  • Brady

    Holy crap! That’s really awesome! I’m so glad to hear this. Hopefully even if this does jinx you guys *crosses fingers* these few nights will be a much needed break for yall. Man, it’s hard to type with crossed fingers.

  • Natalie

    you’re not the only one. Lucy wont fall asleep unless I’m nursing or holding her :/ If i put her down after she falls asleep 9/10 times she wakes up within 5 minutes. Sometimes I let her cry for 10 minutes then go in and nurse her back to sleep, then leave then she wakes up and cries for another 10 minutes then I go in and nurse her and repeat until she doesn’t wake up anymore.

    Change the 10 minutes to 5. I’m weak!

  • Mamasof2

    P.S. eczema can also be sign of allergies