Ronan was 7 pounds 4 ounces, and 21 inches long.

Ronan was perfect.

Ronan entranced his mommy and daddy from the first moment they saw him.

Ronan smiled at 4 weeks old.

Ronan would only nap during the day when the vacuum was running.

Ronan laughed for the first time when Mommy, daddy and Nana all could hear it.

Ronan didn’t like to sleep alone, so he slept with his mum.

Ronan loved the bath from his very first.

Ronan was a pro at tummy-time.

Ronan grew up so quickly.

Ronan got his first tooth at 3 and a half months old.

Ronan army crawled when he was 5 months old.

Ronan never learned how to jump.

Ronan would smile and splash in the swimming pool.

Ronan loved to be outside at the lake.

Ronan ate avocado as his very first solid food.

Ronan keeps getting older, and just wont slow down.

Ronan is an enthusiastic walker.

Ronan loves to feed himself, and loves food in general.

Ronan never gets more excited than when his daddy gets home from work.

Ronan doesn’t like to sleep very much.

Ronan can make a thousand sounds with his mouth, and none of them are real words.

Ronan giggles at almost everything.

Ronan is a deep and contemplative fellow.

Ronan likes to figure out how to put things together, and pull them apart again.

Ronan loves to go up the stairs.

Ronan hates to fall.

Ronan enjoys his bath time with gusto, splashing and squealing the whole time.

Ronan hates to lie back flat in the water, but he’s getting better.

Ronan loves his blue teddy bear, affectionately referred to as “Blue.”

Ronan gives the worlds best hugs.

Ronan is never very happy to be in the car.

Ronan doesn’t like having his diaper changed.

Ronan will throw a big pout when told “No!”

Ronan and Flint are best buddies.

Ronan desperately wants to catch the cat some day.

Ronan isn’t tired of being breastfed yet, and we are all okay with that.

Ronan totally loves playdates with his favorite girls.

Ronan knows if Mommy and Daddy are eating something, he should be too.

Ronan can sign “More” and “All Done” but frequently signs both instead.

Ronan is afraid of loud noises.

Ronan makes the funniest sound when he wants something, sounds a little like a squeak.

Ronan hasn’t found something he wont eat yet.

Ronan loves to spend time outside.

Ronan is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Ronan makes everyone fall in love with him, and his beautiful blue eyes.

Ronan will make you laugh, and then laugh with you.

Ronan waves “bye-bye” to his food when he’s done.

Ronan is one year old today.

Happy Birthday my sweet son.  You have given us the best year of our lives.

  • zaida

    *weep* they grow up too fast! thank you for being such a great mommy, and sharing your angel with the rest of us.


  • Janus

    Happy Birthday, Ronan!
    .-= Janus´s last blog ..It’s The Year Of The Tiger =-.

  • Leslie

    That is so sweet Mandy, Happy Birthday Ronan! I can’t believe its been a year already!

  • MOM

    Happy 1st Birthday to the best grandson in the world. We love you and miss you everyday.
    All our love Nana and Grumpa

  • Dahnya,

    I teared up, this was such a beautiful entry. Congratulations Ronan on celebrating one year of life!

    Mandy, kudos on having such a sweet, healthy baby boy

    PS: I love that what I am assuming are your parents signed off as “Nana and Grumpa*”

    *the Grumpa is adorable.
    .-= Dahnya,´s last blog ..A little bird… =-.