Sweet Naps

I have done everything possible in the last hour to avoid writing a blog.

I don’t even know why.  There is NOTHING coming to my mind about what I would like to write about today.

Then I realized that I could celebrate a breakthrough last night.  Only I don’t want to jinx it.  I’ll just put it succinctly… I got some sleep last night.  And Ronan did too.  That’s all I’m going to say about it for now.

Birthday party anxiety is ramping up.  Way up.  So far, I have 14 people RSVP’d and are coming to my tiny little house.  My tiny, little, dirty house.  I’m planning on working on that today – you know, since I’m all rested up.

What does any of this have to do with the title of my blog?  I love it when Ronan is napping.  I swear, God invented naps to preserve mothers’ sanity.  I could genuflect over naps alone.

Goals for today?

  • New baby gate at Target
  • Kitchen tidied and cleaned.
  • Floors swept/mopped.
  • Living room tidied.
  • Laundry DONE!
  • Bonus goal: Clean master bathroom.
  • Bonus goal: Clean and organize baby room.

I’ll admit, my expectations for today are a little unrealistic, but why not aim high?  We’re getting the trip to Target out of the way early.

And right here, I’d like to do a little celebratory dance… just days from my son’s first birthday, we FINALLY have him paid off.  *dance*

  • Stephany

    How did you fare Mandy dear? I would have collapsed after items a, b, and c. Nobody likes an overachiever. *smooch*

  • http://beccamgibson.blogspot.com Becca Deal

    So I totally thought you said you were going to tye dye your kitchen.

    I hope your cleaning went well, congrats on paying off Ronan! It’s a great feeling!
    .-= Becca Deal´s last blog ..Slacker =-.

  • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

    I would LOVE to say that I’m totally that over achiever, but I’m not. However, I did go shopping, I did clean the kitchen and living room, and I did do all the laundry.

    Brock did a ton of cleaning too. LOVE that man. We’ll get the bonus stuff done eventually :)