Yeah, I’m addicted to Twitter.  So what?

This was my Twitter feed last night.

  • Baby in bed at 9 sharp. Up at 11:15, and 11:30. Tried to hold him off. Bottle at 11:45, sleeping again.

Brock and I watched Zombieland, and then I went to bed.  I had my phone next to me, and this was how I kept track of how often Ronan woke up.

The funny thing is… I have found more support, sleep and otherwise, on Twitter than I’ve found anywhere else in real life.  What is it about Twitter that makes it so easy to make friends?  I push a follow button, you follow me back – BAM – instant buddies.

So many of us parents on Twitter have the same problems.  It’s easy to gravitate towards each other, to commiserate and support.  And it feels amazing to know that other people are out there going through the same thing, offering advice and judgement-free compassion.

Yeah, I haven’t been getting any sleep.  But it hasn’t seemed so bad.  I’ve watched a really amazing lady (@manhattanspeak) get her twins to sleep through the night in under a week WITHOUT crying it out!  I’ve watched as a father of triplets (@ryantrips) has seen major improvements in his childrens’ sleep, only to have all three of them come down with RSV, and be set back immensely.  I’ve watched the stolid acceptance of another father (@jgbreton) as he enjoys his time with his young son, instead of getting frustrated at his lack of sleeping.  I’ve had sweet help and suggestions with a few laughs from a wonderful mom (@dianasaurus).  And SO many more.

There are some awesome people out there.  I feel lucky to have met them.

  • Priscilla-wheelchair Mommy

    Ack — I’ve been lucky so HUGS … We rarely awake more than once a night
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