Sort Of Funny.

I had some blog posts all planned out this week, and then everything goes to hell.

All I can think about is Ronan, and his tests, and what’s coming our way.  His EEG and Upper GI are now scheduled for Friday.  We have to keep him AWAKE until Midnight, then let him sleep until 5am, and then keep him awake until the EEG at 9am. (In case you weren’t counting, that’s only 5 hours of sleep for a boy that usually gets nearly 12.)  We also aren’t allowed to give him ANYTHING to drink after midnight until his Upper GI at 10:30.  Ten whole hours with no food, drink and almost no sleep?

I’m going to have the WORLD’S CRANKIEST KID.

And yes, I’ve already called to ask if they can do the Upper GI before the EEG, they can’t.  They have NO earlier slots.  And rescheduling will mean waiting another 2 or 3 weeks.  The Upper GI is more important to me right now than the EEG.  The scheduler also told me that if he’s too sleepy for the Upper GI, they will reschedule, but I’m sorry.  Fuck that noise.  If I keep him without food for 10 hours, you’re doing the damn test, we’ll pinch the kid.

So if Brock can’t come for the rest of the tests on Friday, I need someone to come with me.  I have to have someone in the back of the car to keep him awake while we drive.  Sucky job, but I don’t want to do all of this, and then not do it right.

We went for a walk today, it’s gorgeous out.  Sunny, but the wind is really cool, so it felt great.  I haven’t been doing enough activity lately, I could feel it in my legs after half of the walk.

I can’t get my mind around anything else right now.  I’m doing laundry today, and going to try to get the rest of the house cleaned up.  I also need to have a shower during Ronan’s next nap.  Oh yeah, he’s really cute today.  And every day.

Thanks for all the love and support.  You guys are amazing, and remind me all the time why I blog.  I will give updates as soon as they are available.

OH YEAH!  Ronan is 13 months old today.  I’ll save the Dear Ronan letter for tomorrow.

  • Janus

    Why the specifics on keeping him awake/waking him up? Too bad you couldn’t give him a little coffee for the EEG.
    .-= Janus´s last blog ..A Flash Of Inspiration =-.

    • Mandy

      They want him to be exhausted, because they need him to sleep through the EEG. It’s silly, but I imagine it being nearly impossible to get a kid to sleep in a place like a hospital unless they are literally dying from need to sleep. NOT going to be fun.

  • Nancy

    I just read your blogs (these last 2) and I’m so sorry the little guy (and you guys as well) is having this issue. I’m thankful that Dr. L is on top of things and moving quickly. I’ll call you in the morning as it’s a bit late now but if you need help Friday, I’ll do whatever I can just let me know what that might be! I can pinch a little thigh to keep a baby awake although Juliana won’t like that too much, : )

    Hope you’re holding up and I’ll call you tomorrow!