Stop And Smell The Roses.

These last few days have put a new perspective on things.

When something as precious as your child suddenly seems so fragile, so easily taken away, all of the crap surrounding you becomes much less important.  Things you used to worry about and stress over on a daily basis are no longer thought of, and minor wants and needs are ignored.

I have spent the last several days realizing I have SO much to be thankful for.

  • My husband and I are both remarkably healthy people.
  • My parents are both alive and well, as are Brock’s.
  • We are surrounded by amazing friends that care about us.
  • Our son is a treasure, every day.
  • We have a home furnished with nice things.
  • Brock and I are both gainfully employed, and can afford to survive from day to day.
  • We have been able to reduce our debt to basics (mortgage, cars, student loans.)
  • There is always food on our table (even if I don’t feel like cooking it.)
  • I have the ability to communicate with everyone I care about.
  • We have family close by, and even though we take it for granted, we are grateful they are there.

I could write on and on.  But I’m not going to spend all day writing today.  Instead, today I’m going to spend the day enjoying my Ronan, and being thankful.

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  • Tol

    It sounds like you two are having a rough time. I really hope everything will be ok. You do have a lot to be thankful for and it is great that you can take a step back and realize that. Keep at it, be strong.

  • Supa Beff

    Damn. This is what I love about ‘shite’…sometimes, we just need to refocus the camera to see more clearly.
    It’s all a blessing.
    Oh, btw…
    you look much cuter when your chin is up!

  • Jen

    I just read the last few posts and I am thinking about you and Ronan tomorrow. I hope everything comes out just fine.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Abby Annette =-.

  • Good golly I’ve missed a lot! So sorry that I didn’t see this earlier. My internet has konked out on me for hours every day this week and I’ve just been so behind on my blog posts. I see I’ve missed some major happenings with you. (I just read all of this week’s posts from you.)

    That is some scary stuff. My son had some seizure like activity when he was in his first year and we had to see some specialists so I know the fear you are going through. (In our case they went away eventually and were unexplained) The timing of the tests just sound craptastic BUT at least they’ll be over tomorrow and hopefully you’ll get some good news.

    I’ll be thinking about you guys! Fingers crossed it all goes well.
    .-= Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves´s last blog ..What Will Make Me Read Your Blog Post =-.