Something In The Air.

It feels like everywhere I look, everyone I talk to is going through the same soggy crap right now.

Tons of Facebook statuses like, “My kids are driving me nuts!” and “I can’t take all the whining.”

So many tweets about babies that aren’t themselves, and wishing things would get back to normal.  Complaints of kids that gripe and annoying spouses.

Blogs about how everything feels off, and down, and in a rut.

Is there something in the air?  Is it the pollen driving us all insane?  The gradual change from indoor life to outdoor?  Are we upsetting our miserable routines?

I mean, It’s SPRING time!  It’s supposed to be brightness, and sunshine, and everything new again.  It’s supposed to be wonderous and light.

So far, it’s been pretty crummy.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready for things to level out again.  Let’s get rid of colds, and spend more time outside.  Let’s have play dates.  Let’s do summer baking, and try new recipes.  Let’s play games we forgot we played as kids.  Let’s teach our babies how to enjoy running, and swimming and playing.  Let’s share ideas of things to do.  Let’s take LOTS of pictures, because there’s never too many.

Let’s enjoy the spring, because it turns into summer, and then fall, and winter.  Then, before you know it, another year is gone, and you wonder what you did.  Let’s make memories that are worth keeping.

  • Gerald Witt

    I think you’re crazy. My spring is going along swimmingly. 😉
    .-= Gerald Witt´s last blog ..Poison ivy: 3; Gerald: 1 =-.

    • Mandy

      Ha! Thanks for that, Gerald. :) I think your IVY troubles would DISAGREE!

  • Dahnya

    I’m not a parent but, I am a school administrator and I am wholeheartedly behind your “something in the air” theory. The kids at school are NUTS right now! Biting, hitting, fighting, bullying, tantrums…they are on a rampage. And it’s all being dumped on me. SOS! Six weeks until the summer!

    Sorry. I went on a rant.
    .-= Dahnya´s last blog ..Haute Houston =-.

    • Mandy

      Changes! I’m glad it’s not just us!!

  • Cate

    Yes, yes, yes! Right now I’m trying to revel in the “little things” to get out of my rut. This morning while I was doing dishes, a black and yellow butterfly landed on the grass outside the window. I was so happy to see it! Our windows are open, there’s a nice breeze coming in, the grass is lush and green, the trees are budding–might as well make the most of it.

    That said, this morning Simone is whiny and exasperating, which is kind of driving me nuts. :-/ What IS going on right now?!
    .-= Cate´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday =-.

    • Mandy

      So perfect :) If only our dang allergies wouldn’t bring us down. Ronan is the EXACT SAME WAY. (See former FB status. HA!)

  • Real Dads Hangout

    I agree….I think what I need is to get rid of my kids then I can enjoy Spring! :)
    .-= Real Dads Hangout´s last blog ..Soft Toilet Paper…but I Suffer from HMA! =-.

    • Mandy

      Hahaha! If only 😀

  • NukeDad

    We have 14 kids in the 6 houses around us. We’ve been stopping traffic in the street with all of the frisbee, scooters and bike activity recently. They’re lovin’ it! We had a tough winter! The kids all begged for snow, and when we got way more storms than usual, they started begging for the pool.
    .-= NukeDad´s last blog ..My Other Left Foot =-.

    • Mandy

      Wow, that is a TON of kids! I bet it’s a lot of fun for them, though. I would LOVE for Ronan to grow up around neighborhood kids. (Without any hoodlums would be nice.) :)

  • Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

    I’ve been having some rough moments here and there too. But then so do we all. I think it’s catching sometimes.

    The days that we can get outside and run around like goofballs are the best days. I think the fresh air helps calm the insanity.
    .-= Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves´s last blog ..Tickle Monster =-.