Tee Hee!

I’ve been reading back through my old Xanga archives, trying to find something fun to post today.

What I found was this.  I remember writing it, but I don’t remember realizing how good it was!

This made me smile.

From my Xanga Archives – 12/27/2007

Umm… I wrote a mushy poem.  Why not share it?


My love for Brock is never ending,
and it didn’t really start…
I think it’s always been there,
just hidden in my heart.

When I was just a baby,
I think I knew it even then,
I was always meant to meet him,
But had no idea when.

When I became a little girl,
his face was in my mind.
I thought he was a prince or king,
of the most impressive kind.

As a silly teenager,
all the guys I met were wrong.
I even dated some of them,
not knowing all along.

One day when I would find him,
when everything just ‘fit’,
I wouldn’t have to think about
the fact that “this is it.”

I didn’t recognize it,
I guess it wasn’t plain to see,
how much I really liked him,
how much he cared for me.

But somehow we just found ourselves
not able to say no,
not able to just walk away,
not able to let go.

This way we were attracted,
and how it nearly made me sing
…I know now that it was because
I had finally found my King.

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