What’s my problem lately?

It’s been a fleabaggin’ week or more since I’ve written something real.  Not just found an old blog, or pictures or videos.  Not that I feel guilty or ashamed of those things.  I just seem to have lost my writing bug.

I have been having a harder and harder time with Ronan lately.  Everything makes him throw a fit.  He doesn’t ever want to sit and quietly play like he used to.  His idea of quietly playing is now only quietly destroying something, or loudly getting into something he shouldn’t be.  I’ve said it for a few weeks now, but I feel like the terrible twos have started already.

I feel like he’s constantly testing me.  He already knows what the boundaries are, and what isn’t okay – so he’s testing to see how firmly they stick.  Today, he spent a good part of his morning hiding from me long enough to dump out his sippy cup.  When I caught him, he took it somewhere else to try again.

I try to be patient and calm.  I try to explain to him that we don’t pour milk on the floor, while I calmly take away his sippy cup.  I try to be stoic as I watch him scream and stomp his feet and squeal in anger.  But honestly, with each passing fit it’s hard to stay as calm as I was before.  I find myself hoping this is just a phase, and he’ll get through it.  That some day soon we’ll go back to being calm, quiet, and sweet.

I remember the stories my mother in law has told me about my husband, and how he was a ‘terrible two’ for nearly 4 years.  I watch as my son screams because he has the dogs favorite tug toy, and Flint keeps trying to get it back from him.  I sit back and sigh.

I guess this is my life now.

I think it’s time to increase the amount of ‘mommy time’ I get.

Just saying.

  • Jackie

    it WILL get better. If he’s testing you, eventually the testing will stop. I can’t say I understand because I don’t (I wish I did actually) but I have faith that this will pass for you. *hugs*

  • Stephany


    You know this, but we’ve been here for more than a month now. Some of the craziness seems to be waning. It seems that as their ability to be independent grows, the less trying they become.

    Just yesterday I gave Farah a fork at dinner. A real fork. She was screaming, pointing, and not eating. She happily took the fork and stabbed each piece of her dinner and put in into her mouth. I cringed a little. I watched her closely. But it worked.

    Sometimes you just have to let go and let them be. And then clean up the mess later.


  • Beth

    i love to be reminded of the ‘past’ thru your life with Ronan.

    All i have to say is…be firm and stick to your guns…you’re doin all the right things.

    btw, it’s totally preparing you for my NOW…2 year olds are a breeze compared to TEENAGERS!!!
    Just make sure he’s addicted to something like an ipod, so you can take it away and ‘riun’ his life.
    ain’t bein a Mom great 😉
    oh, btw, you are a great Mom ya know!

  • Beth

    RUIN….just so ya know!

  • Marilyn

    I completely know what you’re talking about. The testing phase is brutally exhausting. I’m actually still in it…only with two kids. You will get (sort of) used to it. If you are able to get yourself some ‘me time’ I say take it!
    .-= Marilyn´s last blog ..Pretending it’s Summer:Wednesday of Few Words =-.

  • john cave osborne

    wish i had some magic advice for you. but i don’t. except maybe:

    hold on tight, girl. it’s bound to be a wild ride.

    (the sprinkler video, by the way, was off the hook.)
    .-= john cave osborne´s last blog ..Errant Parent =-.

  • emily bilbrey

    oh lady, i wanted to reach through my computer and hug you while i read this! i’ve been THE SAME feelings of frustration with poppy lately – she has been very hard to please the last few weeks (a mixture of EIGHT teeth busting in all at once, and deciding that walking means she should get to go anywhere she pleases at any time and NO MAMA IF YOU STOP ME I WILL FREAK OUT AAAHHHH!)

    um, so, i don’t really have any helpful advice to offer, just camaraderie. being frustrated with our kiddos doesn’t mean we love them any less, but i HATE having days where i realize the highlight was naptime. i don’t want to be bummed out on my sweet daughter, but it’s hard when she acting the very opposite of sweet. sigh. i guess it’s part of earning our motherhood badge, eh?

    hang in there, mama! sending hugs from afar. xo!
    .-= emily bilbrey´s last blog ..christmasbear giggle attack!! =-.