To Cut or Not To Cut.

This hair…

Born with so little hair… dark peach-fuzz that all fell out.

So desperately bald… no hair on this child what-so-ever.

And then, a miracle!  Some hair starts to grow… fluffy, but surely there!

That hazy glow surrounding his grumpy countenance is truly hair.  Real, honest to goodness hair.

There it is!  You can really see it!  HAIR!

In all it’s fuzzy goodness, Ronan has hair on his head.

But my, how quickly it grows… and takes on a life of its own.


“I gots hair on top, guys.”

Seriously?  When did all THIS show up?!

And there it is… in all its glory.  The baby mullet.

But the curls, you guys.  THE CURLS.


How can I ever cut it?  I am so torn.  I go back and forth DAILY over whether or not it’s finally time.  Sometimes I feel like the only mom of a boy this age who HASN’T given him a haircut yet.

Brock and I both lean towards letting it grow.  What’s the hurry?  Once we cut it… it’s gone.

What should we do?  Cut or no cut?

  • Rosie

    Let it grow. It’s not hurting anyone.

  • Melissa

    We’re going with The Beatles shagginess and ‘Let It Be’ mentality… I’m not ready for walking and talking and teeth, but these things I cannot control. The first hair cut, however? That will happen when I am ready, and I certainly am not. My child shall be a hippie. Join the movement.

  • Marilyn

    If you’re not ready do not cut it. DON’T. Seriously. When I cut K’s hair, he was instantly transformed from a baby to a little boy and it was a sad day indeed. What until you feel it should be done.
    Marilyn´s last blog post ..An Interview with my Son

  • jose breton

    No cutting! We love R’s hair.
    jose breton´s last blog post ..Saturday in the park

  • Janus

    As the first commenter said, it’s not hurting anyone. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

    (That last line should be sung to the tune of “Let It Snow,” by the way.)
    Janus´s last blog post ..Baci, Baci, Bang, Bang

  • Kevin

    KJ had thick curly hair. We had to cut it because he looked more like a girl than his sisters, who had much less hair than he did. If he was a singleton, we probably would have le it grow.
    Kevin´s last blog post ..Raising Triplets Can Be Exhausting

  • Cate

    Keep it! It doesn’t look terribly long…and it’s so cute!
    Cate´s last blog post ..Board game giveaway winner!

  • Dahnya,

    Oh my gosh, these pictures are just too cute. I say you let it go and do a chronicle of it- like a, “how long can it go?!” sort of deal.

  • john cave osborne

    no cut. that’s my vote.
    john cave osborne´s last blog post ..Fuzzy Math