Like Whoa.

I am so undeniably overwhelmed.

I am writing this post in an effort to de-whelm myself, and get some things done.

We fly to Canada in less than 48 hours.  There is so much to do.  There is so much not done.

Ronan is sick.

Why did he have to get sick?

I can’t deal with sick.

Let me be honest with myself… I have made some HUGE strides today already.

Laundry is almost done.

Plane reservations are confirmed, and Ronan has been added to the flight.

Bills are paid.

Ronan is down for a second nap on account of his being sick, and having a short first nap.

All of this is thanks to Laura, and her wonderfulness, for keeping Ronan extra for me today.


I need to clean the living room, and vacuum.

I need to do the dishes, and clean the kitchen.  The floor needs to be mopped.

I need to clean the bathrooms and the toilets.

I need to pack.

I need to make a list of what to pack.

I need to remember everything on the list.

I need to change my bed sheets.

I need to… relax.

Because it will be okay if it doesn’t get done, and it will be okay if it doesn’t get packed, and it will be okay if it gets forgotten.  Some how, we will survive.

And now…

… I just need to get started.

  • MOM

    What you forget you will buy if you need it. Or someone will get it for you. What doesn’t get cleaned mopped washed or dusted can wait until you get home. What you need is to relax and start being as excited about getting here as we are about you being here. Love you all so much.

  • Janus

    Why did Ronan get sick? Murphy’s Law.

    Take a deep breath, and relax. All Will Be Well.
    Janus´s last blog post ..To Everything There Is A Fortune