Brock left for work around 8am this morning.  Ronan was still sleeping.  I prayed that he would stay asleep… all I wanted was just one more hour.  I wasn’t ready to get up, not ready at all to face the day.

About five minutes later, I heard Ronan.  It wasn’t his normal ‘wake up’ noises – he usually starts out very quiet and gets louder and louder the more awake he gets.  This morning, he started out yelling.  After my fleeting hope that he perhaps was just stretching or repositioning, I checked the video monitor.  (Have I mentioned lately how freaking valuable that thing is?)  The first thing I noticed was that Ronan was sitting up.

The second thing I noticed was his wiener.

Holy shit, the kid doesn’t have a diaper on!

So much for a bit more sleep.  I ran upstairs faster than I ever had before, hoping to get him up before he peed all over the bed.

I was too late.

Ronan had already peed everywhere.  The missing diaper was found at the other end of his crib, saturated and still “velcroed”.  I have no idea how he squirmed his way out of it.

But that is how I started my day.  It can only get better… right?

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  • Sarah

    sorry Mandy but this is HILARIOUS!

  • Well, Mandy, I don’t see how things could get any worse for you today . . .

    Mark Twain supposedly once told a young man, “First thing in the morning, swallow a live frog. That way, nothing worse will happen to either one of you the rest of the day.”

    I think you have had your live frog for the day.

    I suppose that little discovery was a bit of a pisser.

  • what a bummer! i KNOW the feeling of just wanting ONE more hour and instead getting a rude surprise. poppy knows exactly how to take her diaper off and as such, pants/pajamas are an absolute must in our house. what a crappy wake up call! so sorry mama!


  • Beff

    So not ready for THAT!


    ahhh, little boy stories…gotta Love em!

  • At least it was only pee!! KJ did that but he pooped, and decided to make some caveman drawings on his wall with it! Talk about disgusting!!