I had a massive craving for watermelon yesterday.  I needed to go to the grocery store to get milk.  I WANTED to go to the grocery store to get watermelon.

They were on sale.  2.99 each.  I picked out the smallest one I could find, since it was really just for me.  I can’t tell you how excited I was.  I could TASTE the crunchy, juicy goodness already, and it was still in my shopping cart.

Now, let it be known that in my adult life, I’ve never purchased and cut up a full watermelon.  I had no idea how labor intensive the job would be.  I got home, put up the rest of my groceries as fast as I could so I could start on my summer treat, and got to work.

I halved and then quartered the melon.  Around then, I started to realize how MASSIVE my small melon actually was.

That right there is two quarters of my watermelon.  My SMALL watermelon.  I continued cutting and cutting until I had shelled all but one quarter of the melon, cut it into chunks, and put it in a tupperware container in the fridge.  I then plastic wrapped the last quarter to leave for later, or possibly give away, since the chances of me single-handedly eating that amount of watermelon is rather slim.

Thankfully… I had some help.

Also, belated Happy Canada Day!

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  • Leslie

    Glad to see he has his Canada Day shirt on 🙂

    Don’t you love cravings!

  • How well does Ronan handle the seeds? And did he get more of the watermelon in his mouth or on his shirt? 🙂

    Did you leave some for Brock?

  • super cute pics! and btw? 2 days ago i purchased my first whole watermelon, bought in anticipation of friends with babies coming to visit. took me FOREVER to cut it all up, but it was perfect and delicious. also chopped up a bunch of nectarines & plumbs, plus cheddar cheese & hummus as snacks. ANYWAY guess what i ended up doing after everything was served but hardly a dent was made? i accidentally left ALL THE LEFTOVERS out on the counter top overnight. as in, sad rotten fruit, cheese & hummus. almost cried. seriously.

    anyway, that has zero to do with you but thought i’d share anyway. ha! you’re welcome.