Many of you know Brock and I cloth diapered Ronan for most of his life.

He was in Bum Genius diapers for ages and ages.  From 1 month old until nearly a year old.

I stopped doing cloth when I got tired of battling laundry every day.  I got tired of stuffing diapers.  In general, I just got tired.

But we’ve had a cloth resurgence in our household!  I’ve been using the Bum Genius FLIP System instead, and loving every moment of them.

They’re different than the Bum Genius 3.0’s we’d used in the past.  You don’t have to stuff them, and you don’t have to dry the outer shells.  They are like a snap-up diaper cover, and a liner that lays in them.  There are 3 options for the liner (a synthetic “stay-dry” liner, an organic cotton liner and a disposable liner for on-the-go!) and each time you change the diaper, you need only remove the liner, wipe out the cover, and replace with a new liner!  Works in most cases, except for messy poops.  Ronan seems to like them just fine.

Seems to me like just about anything can get ‘old’.  Lately, old has been changing disposable diapers, throwing them out, and buying more.  Cloth became more and more appealing again and again.  We started back in cloth full time last week, and it only took me two days to figure out that I wanted more Flips.

This probably isn’t worthy of a blog post, but it’s what’s going on in my world right now!  I’m going to try to sell my BG 3.0’s and buy more Flips with the money.  If we get well enough back in the habit, it will be easier to put our newborn in cloth as well.

In other news, I can’t find my camera.  So no new pictures for a while.  Boo.

  • cheryl henning

    hi there. i know becca- found your blog through hers. still looking to sell your other diapers? i love my bg’s. :)

    • Mandy

      Hey hon!

      Sorry it took me so long to respond, sometimes my brain stops working… (It’s actually terribly common…)

      Anyhow! I sold all of my BG’s about 2 weeks ago, to fund my Flip purchase. They should be arriving today!

      <3 cloth :)