When Ronan wakes first thing in the morning, he wants to be held for a while.  And he gives kisses.  Lots of kisses.

Any moment when Ronan is asleep and I am awake.  Like right now.

Holding hands with my husband while we’re sitting on the couch enjoying a show together.

Walking out of the grocery store realizing it was a really good trip.

Waking up to hearing my boys laughing in the living room.

When I tell Ronan it’s nap time, and he starts heading up the stairs on his own.

Sleeping on clean sheets.

Each and every time Ronan comes out with a new, recognizable word.

Any diaper change that doesn’t involve screaming, kicking or rolling over.

Long showers that can involve shaving.  Or just standing there.

Watching Ronan on the monitor as he sits up, looks around, pulls his blanket up over his head, and lies down again.

Quiet conversations with Brock centered around cuddling.

Lying in bed at night the last few minutes before I fall asleep, laying both of my hands on my belly.  She never lets me down, this little girl.  She kicks me into oblivion.

I live for these moments.

  • Dahnya

    What a wonderful entry! I love how the simple things in life really are the ones that make it worth the pains of everything else…

    I know, lame saying but oh, so true!
    Dahnya´s last blog post ..Beautifully bound