The Fever.

This child.

The one that never complains, never gets sick, always sleeps.

He’s in a perpetual good mood, despite some occasional crabbiness.  He’s a pro at playing independently.

He hasn’t been himself.

For days now, Ronan has been whiny, crabby, frustrating, irritating, upset and impatient.  He wants to sit on my lap all day.  He wants me to carry him everywhere.  He doesn’t want to nap, or to sleep, or to stay in bed.  He’s been waking several times a night.

He’s been warm.

I let him run warm Thursday, the whole first day, without taking his temperature.  Taking a child’s temperature is a slippery slope.  Once you’ve tested it, you constantly start questioning whether he feels hotter or cooler than before.  What is the number?  Is it better, or worse?  Do I medicate?

Friday, his temperature was 101.8.  I let him run it all day Friday as well, and gave him some Tylenol right before bed.

Besides the crabbiness, not being himself, he has NO other symptoms.  He’s just warm… and grumpy.

We went through the weekend, trying to leave him be as much as possible and only medicating to make sure he could get to sleep.  He had poor naps or no nap at all.  He’s been putting his fingers in his mouth like crazy.

So what now?  Today, his temperature is only 99.8.  Still very low grade, by all accounts.  He seems in better spirits.  This whole time, his appetite has been fine.  I suspect he’s probably working on his next teeth… but what if I’m wrong?  What if he’s been sitting here for 5 days with an ear infection?  I know he’ll be fine… ear infections can clear up on their own, right?

I hate this stupid battle.  I hate wondering what is the best thing to do, what is right.  I called the pediatrician yesterday, and they said to give him one more day and if he was still running a temp, to bring him in.

I guess the worst thing I can do is call and find out.  I might feel better just knowing nothing else is going on.  And it hasn’t been getting WORSE… so that’s good, right?


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  • Leslie

    A doctors opinion never hurts, it will make you feel better, then at least you won’t be worrying all the time!