Christmas is Coming.

I have a desire to write today, without simply saying the same things I’ve been saying for two weeks.

Ronan is still sick.  I am now sick.  If his poor little throat hurts even a fraction of what mine hurts, he is in some serious pain.

He woke us all up with his coughing all night last night.  How can anyone get better without sleep?


I’m done with that.

Christmas is coming up.  I know you know it.  I bought our first Christmas tree for our family this year, and it actually had me excited for Christmas for a few days!  I’ve done a little Christmas shopping, we have Ronan mostly bought for, but I can’t help but start to feel the pressure again.  Who do we buy for?  Do we do Christmas cards?  Should we take a Christmas picture?  I don’t know when to start decorating.  I have an urge to do it now, but I feel like it’s a bit premature.  I hope I still have the energy to do it in a few weeks time.  I might have to ask for some help!

I always start out with the greatest of intentions, and somehow it all gets lost in the jumble.  Last year, my mom and dad were here for a few days so we did some Christmas baking.  It was really wonderful, and I find myself aspiring to do it again this year… only this time it will be solo.  Mom kept up with the baking while Dad and I ran out for a few things we needed, and she kept Ronan on the floor by her the whole time.  It didn’t even begin to phase her.  The ease and comfort with which she handles everything makes me envious.  I want to be able to do things like she does.

Brock and I have also talked about what kind of Christmas traditions we want for our family.  This year may be the first year we stay at home for Christmas morning, rather than spending the night at Grandmom and Granddad’s.  Ronan is getting old enough to understand a little about what is going on, and we want him to remember Christmas mornings at home, and Christmas evenings with family.

I wish I had unlimited funds, and didn’t stress out about buying for everyone I care about.  I wish I had the time and energy to be crafty and give home-made gifts.  I wish I lived a little closer to my family.  I hope the Christmas bug bites me hard this year… it’s been a while.

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  • Jumping in with my unsolicited advice (hehe)…I’d make sure to do the things that are important to YOU. If you want to take a family picture or send Christmas cards, go for it! If it seems like too much of a pain, don’t bother, and do some baking (or whatever else you actually want to do) instead.

    I love Christmas morning at home where it’s just us. It feels so cozy and close. 🙂

    • You are absolutely right, babe. Really, the only person I end up letting down is myself. But I LOVE to BAKE so perhaps I can fit that in somewhere!

  • Leslie

    We are staying home this year too, i’m excited to start our own traditions and not have to run around and see everyone we are ‘supposed’ to see. What kind of gifts did you get Ronan? I don’t know what to get Ethan! Our family just a discussion about gifts (since they add up so quickly) and we decided we would just buy for the kids this year, and for friends i’ve decided that we are at the age where we are starting to buy Christmas trees, ornaments are the perfect gift! Don’t be stressed about, just enjoy your time with your family… you can always buy delicious baking 🙂

    • hehe! So many changes, huh? This will be Ronan’s last Christmas as an only child!

      We bought Ronan a “balance bike”, which is a learning type of bike, different than a bike with training wheels. Do a google search, they are awesome!

      I also want to get him a junior leap-pad reader (for 2-4 year olds) but I have to run that one past Brock. I think he will love it. 😀

      What ideas have you guys had for Ethan?

      I need to do Christmas cards so I can send one to YOU! <3

  • Hope Ronan feels better soon. We are all sick here too. When Dustyn was born we started doing Christmas at home. I think you should start your own tradition. Where do you live again?

    • I live in North Carolina! My family (all of it) lives in Canada, but my husband’s family lives about 30 minutes away. I think we’re ready to start Christmas at home 😀

  • Leslie

    I have heard of those bikes! They sound pretty neat. I will search it, I wasn’t sure if Ethan was old enough yet. They aren’t too expensive either. I don’t really have any ideas for Ethan. I think I would like to get him something a bit bigger seeing that he will kind of understand what is going on this year and will have fun opening gifts. I will have to do some research 🙂

  • Hope you and Ronan feel better soon. It sounds like you have the same thing; has Brock caught it yet?

    Will the new arrival arrive by Christmas?